Status Queer is a non-profit working to inject new energy into the LGBTQ+ cultural scene here in Gothenburg. We long for community, and while there are exciting organisations and individuals all beavering away from Majorna to Angered, our community is fractured and scattered. We are fractured along lines of class, racialisation, age, ability, sexuality and gender identity. As LGBTQ+ people in this city we face different challenges, and so have wholly different experiences, knowledges and skills to offer. While society has warmed to some of us, others of us are still left sitting in the cold, the door shut in our faces. That’s why we need to unite. At Status Queer we know that culture has this power not only to unite but to embrace us, spur us on and help us kick down that closed door.

The route to a sustainable, unstoppable community is through radical and cutting edge culture. So buckle up Gothenburg, we’re igniting this queer and trans revolution and you can’t stop us.

We work transparently and accountabley. That’s why you’ll soon find our plans and applications online. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got any questions.


Sam Message

Artist working with the spatial and the relational. Drag-something using the surreal, the subversive and the political. Curator specialising in queer and feminist histories and themes. Researcher of queering practice and theory. Evaluator and facilitator working with accessibility and engagement. Activist and community organiser. All singing, all dancing, tours, workshops, happenings, installing exhibitions. 

Kolbrún Inga Söring

My research explores the posibilities of using the body as an autonomous site of provocation, problematising cis-heteronormative ideals while questioning the deeply rooted ‘myth’ of masculine desire. Through the tool of autotheory I engage in a process of rethinking popular narratives by unpacking my own troubled relationship with said ideals and desires within a framework of self-representational body politics, body modification and politics of desire. My most recent project on this theme has been Rethinking the Little Mermaid. On top of that, I am working to highlight the multiplicities of LGBTQIABB+ communities and experiences through thematically curating Enqueery: Festival of Queer Curiosity.