We are artist duo Status Queer. Together we use spatial and relational interventions to explore queer and trans experiences and weave new connections between people. Our work brings the most marginalised groups under the LGBTQ+ umbrella together to build community, claim space and shout from the rooftops.

We belong to a long history of norm-breakers. Like those who came before us, we will not bow to the pressures to ‘act normal’ or ‘blend in’ to gain the paper-thin acceptance of the ableist, racist, cis-het society around us. We stand on the shoulders of those who were not silent, so good luck sewing our mouths shut.

We are also co-founders of Gothenburg based NGO This is the Queer Space, read more under projects.

Kolbrún Inga Söring

Kolbrún Inga Söring is a genderqueer artist working in Gothenburg whose work spans several areas of artistic expression from performance, video work and site-specific installation to community cultivation and cultural production.

Sam Message

Sam (they/them) is an artist and activist working with the spatial & the relational to explore connections between people. As a drag-performer they put their bizarre, playful and punk-like aesthetic to explore the surreal, the subversive and the political. They are both a researcher of queering practice and theory and a curator specialising in queer and feminist histories and themes. Other work includes inclusion, accessibility and engagement consultation, education and evaluation.