Initiations – About

What is Initiations?

Initiations is a drag free-school where participants meet over a number of weeks to develop their first drag performance, from their persona to their look, their concept to their performance. Each round has a different theme which participants make their performances to. Initations seeks to foster the growth of a radical, political, diverse, captivating and entertaining drag scene here in gothenburg.

At the end of the free-school participants are initiated into our drag family and debut their performances in our drag night CULT. 

Why do we need Initiations?
Drag As A Medium

Drag is a powerful medium. It is electrifying, engaging and gets an audience screaming and shouting. Done right, its a loud and proud expression of queer and trans joy which reaches across the broad spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Drawing on drag’s long history of subversion and boundary crossing, we subscribe to the school of thought that drag should be funny and playful, outrageous and loud but also fiercely political and deeply empowering. With the support of tools developed by Status Queer, initiations uses the free-school format to encourage peer-to-peer learning to get us to explore ourselves personally and politically. Together we work to sharpen our perspectives, bring into being our political voice and practice shouting it out at the top of our lungs.

Empowering New Artistic Voices

Initiations seeks to empower a new generation of artistic voices to take to the stage and get their message out with the eyes and the ears of the community on them. As with all our work, initiations prioritises the inclusion of those most marginalised in our community – which of course also intersects with those who have had least access to traditional pathways into the world of art and culture. Read more about our accessibility and inclusion strategies here.

Initiations: Cult of Consumption

In the first round of initiations we explored consumption – consumption of food, consumption of sex, consumption of the self, consumption of the very soil we live on. Check out our gallery for a glimpse of the behind the scenes, and our page on CULT for the fruits of our labour.

Initiations rounds 2 & 3

Due to such high demand and our thirst for a radical, raging drag scene in Gothenburg, rounds 2 and 3 of initiations are coming your way for autumn 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for our open call.