SSG – About

What is Secret Sound Gardens?

This workshop series with sound artist Isabel Taube(she/they) is centred around designing soundscapes. In the workshops participants have the chance to explore storytelling and create new worlds through the medium of sound.

Why do we need Secret Sound Gardens?

With a pair of headphones, a soundscape can be a soothing slice of a queer/trans utopia wherever you need it to be. Through this series, we seek to continue empowering new artistic agents from our community’s most marginalised members. With a variety of free to use in-browser software options and mobile apps, digital sound design has never been more accessible – and of course for those who can’t afford it, we supply all the materials necessary.

Right now Secret Sound Gardens is going through a transformation, watch this space for more news soon!

Workshop 1

This is an introductory workshop for anyone who has ever wanted to try out music software and is raring to add to their self-expression toolbox and those who have already dipped their toes into sound’s soothing waters. The workshop was a space for participants to explore queer utopia’s through sound and experiment in a relaxed and supportive setting.