Queer Space – About

What is This is the Queer Space?

TITQS is a Gothenburg based platform for LGBTQ+ culture for and by LGBTQ+ people. It’s the glue that holds our newly forming community together, providing valuable safer social spaces. Events include everything from mouthwatering thumping bass to chill nights in to queer company for cultural celebrations.

TITQS is here, its queer and thats true throughout the whole goddamn year.

The platform is a Facilitated Open Space. This means that if you come with a vision and a desire to make something happen, TITQS can give you the tools and the means for you to make that vision a reality. 

Contact us now if you want to organise something through This is the Queer Space! We want to make spaces for all kinds of people and all kinds of culture so fire off your ideas, we’re all ears!

TITQS is also a support structure for Status Queer and other LGBTQ+ creators in and around Gothenburg. Get in contact if there’s a project you want support with!

Why do we need This is the Queer Space?

Gothenburg has an acute lack of spaces for LGBTQ+ people. Many of us have had terrible experiences in those very few spaces that exist. We need a space for us, by us, where we can shut out the transphobic, queerphobic and all the other bad phobics and isms outside the walls of our queer castle.

Pride comes around once a year, but TITQS is here to get us through the long dark Swedish winters together. It is here to bring us together as a community and cement all the community building we do in our social practice as artist duo Status Queer.


Much like the work we do as artists, This is the Queer Space seeks to empower new voices. Those can be artistic voices, political voices, community voices etc. 

That’s why we draw on the Open Space concept:

the idea that it is the community itself that decides how to use the space. While in the future we are working towards everyone being able to freely engage with this Open Space, right now there are many intersections in our community who often don’t feel like they have the access to projects like this. Read more about our position on that here. That’s why TITQS is a Facilitated Open Space. That means TITQS is there to help you gain the tools to realise your own ideas. Those ideas could be an art project, a workshop, a clothes swap, a watch party, a board game night, a dance session or just a hang out to name just a couple ideas – it can be whatever you want it to be!

TITQS is not just a platform, but also a support structure helping new LGBTQ+ artists, cultural producers, activists and community builders to burst into bloom.

If you have an idea for TITQS then don’t hesitate to get in touch!