Cult – About

What is CULT?

CULT is our drag night where drag creatures, cretins and performers get on stage to scream, shout and let it all hang out. CULT is radical, political, outrageous and entertaining. Prepare yourselves.

Why do we need CULT?
Drag As A Medium

Drag is a powerful medium. It is electrifying, engaging and gets an audience screaming and shouting. Done right, its a loud and proud expression of queer and trans joy which reaches across the broad spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Drawing on drag’s long history of subversion and boundary crossing, we subscribe to the school of thought that drag should be funny and playful, outrageous and loud but also fiercely political and deeply empowering. With the support of tools developed by Status Queer, initiations uses the free-school format to encourage peer-to-peer learning to get us to explore ourselves personally and politically. Together we work to sharpen our perspectives, bring into being our political voice and practice shouting it out at the top of our lungs.

A Drag Family

With every round of Initiations we welcome more members to our CULT. The end goal is that the community will grow into a sustainable pool of performers, large enough to hold regular drag nights with diverse themes and packed with different styles and identities.

Cult of Consumption

Our first CULT night was a roaring success. We got messy, we got naughty, we laughed and we screamed. Packed to the rafters, Kolgruvan was vibrating with radical queer and trans joy. This was the first, and after that excpeirence it certainly won’t be the last.

Newcomers: Beyond Borders

After the success of our Debut, we were invited to perform at Newcomers Göteborg’s celebration Beyond Borders. 

The Cult of the Climate Crisis

There is no climate justice without class justice. But let us tell you, there isn’t anything that tastes quite as sweet as having thousands of people chanting ‘eat the rich’ with you, well other than the delicious taste of eating the rich for real of course. Thanks to Climate Live Gothenburg and activists from Friday’s for Future for a stage as big as our ambitions.

More to Come

With 2 more rounds of Initiations coming this autumn there’s plenty more CULT action to get in on. Hold tight, we’ve got much more up our billowing sequin-covered sleeves.