Motgiftet – About


MOTGIFTET (the antidote) is a space we make in Gothenburg to come together as a community, unwind, tool-up and heal. This workshop series serves up local and international talent from across a variety of different artistic and cultural disciplines to get us exploring ourselves and each other. 

Why do we need MOTGIFTET?

We live in a racist, ableist, ageist, queerphobic, transphobic and all-the-other-terrible-ists-and-phobics world. We need MOTGIFTET to exchange knowledges and skills, and to give space for us to celebrate ourselves and enjoy each other. 

The series seeks to empower new creators and artists-to-be. We do this both by introducing participants to new mediums and by acting as a platform where artists and knowledge holders of all different levels of experience can have the chance to develop and lead their own workshops.

MOTGIFTET also gives us a framework to continue developing our collaborations with our international partners from The Queer Agenda.

MOTGIFTET builds on the work we started in Sparkplug 1.0 by providing the framework and the glue needed to keep sticking us together as a community.