What is Sparkplug?

Sparkplug is a festival of LGBTQ+ delights designed to bring together the most marginalised groups under the LGBTQ+. 

For Sparkplug 1.0 we used large scale installation and jam packed week of exciting programming to kickstart the growth of a new, more inclusive, more supportive LGBTQ+ community here in Gothenburg.

Sparkplug 2.0 is in the pipeline, so hold tight Helsinki, you’re in our sights…

Why do we need Sparkplug?

Our community is fractured and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people has been incredibly uneven.

We need a community so we can support each other and build a better path forward together, but to do this we need to harmonise. Harmonising doesn’t mean becoming the same, it means finding a way to all sing our own tune whilst resonating with others. It means that together we can create something more than just the sum of our parts.

As the starting point for a new harmonisation, Sparkplug 1.0 used two key types of tools to get this music flowing: relational ones and spatial ones. Where the spatial is all about sensory experiences like colour, form, texture and lighting, the relational is all about connecting with people in different ways. 

This is part of a methodology we’ve developed called Community Cultivation. To give you a quick crash course, we’re using Community Cultivation’s spatial and relational tools to bring together new groups of people from different marginalised groups under the LGBTQ+ umbrella and get them to interact with each other. We use this methodology to guide different kinds of interactions with the ultimate goal of fostering new relationships and, in turn, lay the foundations for a more intersectionality diverse LGBTQ+ community.


After Sparkplug 1.0 we secured a home for all our custom built furniture, which you can now find at Ringön based creative powerhouse and coworking space Kolgruvan.

Since the festival we’ve also used and re-used all the materials — whether that’s drag looks for CULT, tools for MOTGIFTET or materials for Initiations. The rest is waiting patiently for its second debut, so keep your eyes peeled, you might see some old friends in the future again.