We’ve made this space together, connecting our world and the queer utopia beyond. We’ve been dancing, drawing, painting, workshopping, laughing, discussing and just hanging out together. Don’t worry we’ve left plenty of delicious residue for you to come and check out, so come down and see our little slice of LGBTQ+ community bliss.

 ✨Everything you need to know

Throughout our festival Sparkplug we’ve been inviting people from all over the city to come and create this fabulous space together. 

This is a space that we have made. It is a space between our world of cis-het bullshit and the utopian space behind the portal we’ve opened up in Galleri Box. This space is our little slice of LGBTQ+ community bliss. 

We’ve been drawing, painting, sculpting and now our DIY community space has taken its final form. So come and take a peak at what we busy little bees have been building together. Bzz bzz.

All too quickly this physical space will be returned to its white walls, so come and catch it whilst you can! This space might be fleeting, but if we can pull off this community effort together we know that we can do anything. This new broader, more inclusive LGBTQ+ community is here to stay and Gothenburg better get ready. 

Although it’s too late to join in on the laughter, discussion and creative processes for this festival, we’re going to be powering forward with events every 2 weeks starting from september.

We’re lesbians, we’re gay, we’re bi, we’re trans, we’re intersex, we’re asexual, we’re everything beyond all the spectrums you can imagine, we’re working class, we’re people of colour, we’re living with disabilities, we’re old, we’re young. We’re fucking queer, we’re here, and we’re gunna be here throughout the year. 

For a full schedule of our events for the coming year, you can check out our website.

This finissage is open to all.



Aug 22 2021


1:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Galleri Box
Kastellgatan 10, Gothenburg

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