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Esse McChesney

Esse is a queer textile artist in Gothenburg that works with weave, farbric collages and embrodery. In their work they investigate gender and sexuality drawing from their experiences as a queer nonbinary transperson.

Their work circles around gender and body and addresses questions like: “What do bodies have to do with gender?” and, “Where does gender identity exist?” In their work you can also find symbols, a lot of color, abstractions and balance.

Find more of esse’s work on their instagram: (@ess.mcc).

  • Himmel på himmel, 2019

    “Himmel på himmel [sky on sky] shows two hands reaching up to the sky. Maybe longingly, maybe dancing.”

    Poster Size: A2

    Original material: tapestry

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  • Mastektomi, 2020

    “Mastektomi [Mastectomy] shows exactly what it says on the tin: the scars left by a gender affirming mastectomy. Happy scars!”

    Poster Size: A2

    Original material: embroidery

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  • Babe, 2020

    “Babe is an absolute babe! They’re a two headed beast where trans euphoria meets dysphoria. It’s all a bit confusing, but they’re still having fun.”

    Poster Size: A1

    Original material: tapestry

    300,00 kr Add to basket

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