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Privacy Policy

To be a member of Status Queer, members need to agree for the association to store their name, date of birth and contact details. This is in order to monitor who has a right to vote at the AGM and so that they can be notified of any upcoming AGM.

Contact details stored for this purpose cannot, without express consent of the member in question, be used to distribute non-essential communications (e.g. newsletter, up-coming events).

This data is to be used only by Status Queer for communication with the association’s memebers and not to be shared with any third party without express permission of the member’s contact details in question.

A members list is not to be publicly published anywhere as to protect the identities of the members who may face consequences for their participation in an LGBTQ+ organisation, although the number of total members can be freely published by Status Queer.

To secure the privacy of your personal data Status Queer is stored in a secure database to which only board members and our website developer have access. Any connection to the database is encrypted

The board is responsible for making sure that the data storage and use is in compliance with the above policies. Only the board has the ability to process personal data collected from members.

If you want to request what data Status Queer has stored of you please contact us at