CULT of consumption

Sick🤮🤮🤮 of living in a world where everythings going to shit💩? Well get your ceremonial gongs at the ready hun because we’re about to paint the town the colour of blind indoctrination✨.

CULT is our new night where💋drag performers💋, 👾creatures👾 and 🤡cretins🤡 will take to the stage to scream, shout and stomp it all out💥💥💥. We’re slimy and we’re sexy, we’re wonderful and we’re wet and most of all we’re here to give you a show you’re not going to fucking forget🎈🎉💦💦💦.

It’s time Gothenburg got a mouthful of dirty radical drag.🍾🍾🍾

🔥 20 – Doors open
🔥 21-22.30 Drag show
🔥 22.30-1.30 Good vibes and good beats

🎙️ HOST:
I know you’ve probably been told to stay away from cults💸, but honestly my love 💚 we’re not scary, you’re safe here and our dear leader 🥩Meatling AKA Köttungen🥩 [@sammessage] will take sweet soft care of you all night baby🥰.

CULT is the 🌋culmination🌋 of weeks of indoctrination🤤 with our Initiations drag school where we’ve been working to bring a new generation of drag performers onto the scene🎁🎭. They’ve been sharpening their ceremonial 🍴claws🍴 behind closed doors but baby these 😻kitty cats😻 are taking to the stage for their big debut roars🌕.

🎛️ DJ:
Always here to take you to the 👅 edge of 👅 dance euphoria – the 🍭delicious🍭 DJ Demba is here to take you through to the early hours with ballroom, house, afrobeats and some absolute queer bangers🌡️💦💦💦.

It wouldn’t be quite a cult if there wasn’t another layer of mystery🌌, but sooth ye self sweaty, soon the secrets of the inner sanctum will be revealed 🎪



Jun 03 - 04 2022


8:00 pm - 1:30 am

Are you spending too many sleepless nights deciding whether you should spend your pocket money supporting the local LGBTQ+ community or pimping out your room with a fabulous piece of art? No? Well doesn’t it sound like a fucking great idea to do both anyway?? 

The point of this shop is to support queer and trans artists – that’s why we make sure all the profits go to the artists themselves.

Ligger du sömnlös på nätterna å tänker på om du ska spenderar dina fickpengar på att stötta gbgs hbtq community eller på att snygga till ditt rum med fabulösa konstverk? Nej? Men det låter väl som en jävla bra idé att göra båda och va??

Webshoppens syfte är för att stötta queer- och transkonstnärer, all vinst går därför till konstnärerna.