Status Queer is a non-profit working to inject new energy into the LGBTQ+ cultural scene here in Gothenburg. We long for community, and while there are exciting organisations and individuals all beavering away from Majorna to Angered, our community is fractured and scattered. We are fractured along lines of class, racialisation, age, ability, sexuality and gender identity. As LGBTQ+ people in this city we face different challenges, and so have wholly different experiences, knowledges and skills to offer. While society has warmed to some of us, others of us are still left sitting in the cold, the door shut in our faces. That’s why we need to unite. At Status Queer we know that culture has this power not only to unite but to embrace us, spur us on and help us kick down that closed door.

The route to a sustainable, unstoppable community is through radical and cutting edge culture. So buckle up Gothenburg, we’re igniting this queer and trans revolution and you can’t stop us.

We work transparently and accountabley. That’s why you’ll soon find our plans and applications online. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got any questions.


Sam Message

Brexile seeking community-centric utopian fantasy realisation.

Drag-something, performance artist working with the surreal, the subversive and the political. Curator specialising in queer and feminist histories. Researcher of queering practice and theory. Evaluator and facilitator working with accessibility and engagement. Activist and active community member and socialite. All singing, all dancing, tours, workshops, happenings, installing exhibitions.

Kolbrún Inga Söring

My research explores the posibilities of using the body as an autonomous site of provocation, problematising cis-heteronormative ideals while questioning the deeply rooted ‘myth’ of masculine desire. Through the tool of autotheory I engage in a process of rethinking popular narratives by unpacking my own troubled relationship with said ideals and desires within a framework of self-representational body politics, body modification and politics of desire. My most recent project on this theme has been Rethinking the Little Mermaid. On top of that, I am working to highlight the multiplicities of LGBTQIABB+ communities and experiences through thematically curating Enqueery: Festival of Queer Curiosity.

21 October 2021

MOTGIFTET #2: Drink and Draw

6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

 🥳Gothenburg’s queer living room is back baby!🤗 Time to get some LGBTQ+ lovin in our lil queer castle 🏰❤️ 

⚡ ACTIVITY FULLY BOOKED but plenty of space to come and hang out! ⚡

💖 Even though the activity is fully booked (better luck next time!) you fabulous beings are all welcome to come and hang out in our cozy lil castle and enjoy queer company, drinks and snacks. 

Sign up to hangout HERE


This week: Drink and Draw – read on below!


What is Motgiftet?
Are you 🤢sick🤮 of cis-het normative bullshit poison being constantly rubbed into the wounds opened up by the violence of living in the 📛 racist 📛 ableist 📛 agist 📛 queerphobic 📛 transphobic world around us? 😵😵😵 💊 Then boy-o do we have the cure for you! 💉

⛑️⛑️MOTGIFTET⛑️⛑️ (the antidote) is the perfect time to come together, unwind and heal – all while we put on a lil 🎭🎨cultural something-something🎥👩‍🎨 to get those good juices 💦 flowing and dive deeper into our theme of the month. 

Don’t worry though! For those of you who just want a space to hang out, you don’t have to take part. We’ve got 🎶🎵🎶🎵 music and refreshments on site 🎵🎶🎵🎶 and its FREE ENTRY!

<3 <3 <3 


This month’s theme: CLUB KID  ♣️👶

//////*** On the menu this week: Drink and Draw ***\\\\\\
Its time to shake it up and get loosy-goosy – yes i’m talking to all you nervous drawers out there because this 🎨life drawing👻 session just isn’t so 🤣serious babs🤙.

Featuring some fabulous models in 😱full club kid regalia💅, for this MOTGIFTET we’re going to be letting you loose with your drawing-weapon of choice to smash out some quick, fun and lighthearted sketches.🔥👏🔥👏

~~ No experience or “talent” necessary ~~

Materials Provided by us <3 (but if you want fancy shit u can bloody well bring yer own, hun)



Open: 18:00
Life Drawing: 19:00-20:00
Closing: 23:00


*** Priority groups get first dibs on spaces in the activity***
If you belong to one of our 5 priority groups (LGBTQ+ working class people, racialised people, people with disabilities, elderly people and binary & non-binary trans people you’re first in line for a spot – so let us know in the sign up form! 

For more info on our priority groups click here.

ACCESSIBILITY: The venue is fully wheelchair accessible with an accessible toilet. If you need any other kind of assistance in coming to or enjoying the event let us know!

*/* WHO’S WELCOME? */*
Of course all of yous lovely LGBTQ+’s are welcome. It’s for us babes. 👏👏👏

Well-behaved cis-het allies who know their fucking place in this space are welcome – especially in the company of LGBTQ+ comrades. 👍

30 October 2021


10:00 pm

SJUKT is back back back again bby  💅💅 but now its about to get reeeeaallly freaky 😱


Halloween is supposed to be queer christmas, but we know out on the town in GBG it can feel more like a queer zoo.🚫🐅🐊 That’s why were putting on a queer oasis of 😈naughty villanous queer fun.😈 We’re going to have bone-shaking beats so get your 💃🏾booty ready to shake.🕺

/\/\/ LINE UP: TBA 🙊 🙊 🙊\/\/\

THEME: QUEEROS – your favourite queer 🦸🏿‍♂️heros and villians😈 dead or alive 🧖🏼‍♀ real or fictitious 🎭

As usually, top tier lewks bag themselves goodies on the way in ❤️‍🔥so dig out yer needle and thread and get stitchin babs 🧵

💄🔥 We know that not everyone has privilege of being comfortable or even safe to get dressed up at home. That’s why we’re offering for those that need it the chance to get ready in the space are welcome from 18:00 – just pop us a message. Supplies for taking off makeup available on site.🔥💄

—-////*** PRIORITY GROUPS ***\\\\—-
Last time we had so many people who couldn’t get a spot so we’re implementing our priority system. That means our priority groups are 🥇first in the queue🥇 

Priority groups (all LGBTQ+):
– People of colour
– Working class people
– People with disabilities
– Elders
– Binary and non-binary trans people)

*as usual if you can’t afford a ticket slide into our dm’s or pop us an email and we’ll cover your entry <3*

We know it’s exciting but have some fucking patience you naughty little 🥩meat-babies👶  its almost time to come together <3<3<3

No event found!


We’re kicking off a new start in LGBTQ+ Gothenburg with an electrifying bang. During this jam-packed week of mouth-watering LGBTQ+ culture we’ll be making together, exploring together and getting to know each other.

We’ll be featuring everything form dance to drawing, workshopping to film-watching​​ and many more delights by talent across the city and the Nordic and Baltic to get this queer and trans party started.

Our community is fractured yet we are many. Through LGBTQ+ art and culture for and by LGBTQ+ people we’re going to use this week to explore each other’s experiences and nurture new connections.

From August 16th-22nd, the festival is taking place in our very own slice of community heaven – a space between our world of cis-het bullshit and some distant queer utopia beyond – hosted by the shell of Galleri Box.

ALL events are FREE ENTRY 😘😘😘😘

👋👋 For info on how we’re working with our priority groups or about the physical accessibility of the space click here 👋👋

No event found!

The Queer Agenda

The Queer Agenda is a network of LGBTQ+ artists, activists and community builders from across the Nordic and Baltic regions. Our fields vary from film making to illustration, intersectional organising to dance and more! 

As LGBTQ+ cultural producers, community builders and individuals we face lots of different and specific challenges. These challenges vary enormously depending on who we are, where we come from and in what situation we are in.

Our work as a network has explored our visions and dreams for the future by drawing on our different experiences and knowledges from the past. Through a series of workshops we tackled issues facing us as LGBTQ+ organisers and artists and explored our desires for utopian queer spaces and relations.

From this process we produced 3 artist briefs. We gave these briefs to 3 different artists and groups who will present their artistic responses during our festival Sparkplug, kicking off at Galleri Box on the 16th of August!

Current partners include:

Daniel Mariblanca, Norway
Drin(INSIDE) Finland
Feminist Culture House, Finland
Peter Nylund, Sweden
Reclaim Pride, Sweden
Romas Zabarauskas, Lithuania
Sofia Rydhard, Sweden
Speech Karaoke, Finland
Vilnius Queer Festival “Kreivės”, Lithuania

If you are an LGBTQ+ artist, community organiser or group and are interested in joining the The Queer Agenda we’re always happy to hear from you! Get in touch at


*** Enqueery: Festival of Queer Curiosity is currently going through a transformation – watch this space for more info soon! ***

We take accessibility very seriously, in order to be as accessible as possible we are:

  1. Reserving spots in workshops specifically for our priority groups.
  2. Offering to pay local transportation for those in our target groups who need it.
  3. Modifying the space to be as physically accessible as possible.
  4. Designating a ‘safe person’ and safer space at every event.

Right now we are working on making our activities more accessible to hard of hearing and visually impaired people so watch this space and thanks for being patient with us!

👋👋 Accessibility for Sparkplug 👋👋

*** Priority Groups***

Our community is fractured and scattered. We are fractured along lines of class, racialisation, age, ability, sexuality and gender identity. That’s why we have identified 5 priority groups who we are giving extra attention to.

These LGBTQ+ groups are:

– Working class people
– Racialised people
– People with disabilities
– Elderly people
– Binary and non-binary trans people

If you belong to one of these groups then we will:

– Pay for your travel to the event if you need it (if this applies to you then contact us on facebook, instagram or via email [])
– Reserve spots for you in our workshops

We have also prioritised work that is for and by you in our programme.

Getting to know each other, creating new connections and exploring our own experiences can each come with their own challenges. That’s why we’re also designating a safe person for every event who will be on hand to help work through any difficult situations or emotions that might come up.

*** Physical Accessibility of the Space ***

The space is physically accessible for wheelchair users with a ramp at street level and another in the gallery. The space will be designed with access for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility in mind.

Unfortunately the gallery does not have an accessible toilet but we’re working on getting an agreement with a local business to use theirs – we’ll update you as soon as we’ve found a solution.

As a non-profit LGBTQ+ cultural project we rely on funding and fundraising efforts.

Right now are activities are support by:

Nordisk Kulturfonden, Gothenburg City, Fonden Rahasto

If you want to make a contribution to our activities please get in touch! Every single kronor takes us a step closer to the next radical queer and trans get together! We’re working to have a swish set up soon. In the meantime, email to make a donation.

Here’s the form to become a member!

To become a member you must first read and agree to our manifesto.

Here’s a link to the manifesto.

Privacy Policy

To be a member of Status Queer, members need to agree for the association to store their name, date of birth and contact details. This is in order to monitor who has a right to vote at the AGM and so that they can be notified of any upcoming AGM.

Contact details stored for this purpose cannot, without express consent of the member in question, be used to distribute non-essential communications (e.g. newsletter, up-coming events).

This data is to be used only by Status Queer for communication with the association’s memebers and not to be shared with any third party without express permission of the member’s contact details in question.

A members list is not to be publicly published anywhere as to protect the identities of the members who may face consequences for their participation in an LGBTQ+ organisation, although the number of total members can be freely published by Status Queer.

To secure the privacy of your personal data Status Queer is stored in a secure database to which only board members and our website developer have access. Any connection to the database is encrypted

The board is responsible for making sure that the data storage and use is in compliance with the above policies. Only the board has the ability to process personal data collected from members.

If you want to request what data Status Queer has stored of you please contact us at

Withdrawal Form

If you would like to withdraw your consent to the privacy policy above, please fill in the following form.

Want to know more?

What to get involved or help out?

Want to intern with our organisation?

Know about something you think can help us?

Have any questions at all about our activities or really anything else? Get in touch!

You can reach us via email: