Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders


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Join us for this deep dive into the experiences of LGBTQ+ people who are pushed to cross borders in order to survive and thrive. We’ll be watching the groundbreaking Lithuanian film The Lawyer, interviewing filmmaker Romas zabarauskas and leading a roundtable discussion with members of RFSL’s Newcomers group. 

We’ll also be working with Speech Karaoke to workshop and capture your views for their archive of 800 speeches in 17 languages.

[content warning: survival sex work]

 ✨Everything you need to know

This evening we’ll be diving into crossing borders as LGBTQ+ people. In this jam-packed evening we’re going to be showing the feature film The Lawyer, interviewing the filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas and leading a conversation exploring the experiences of LGBTQ+ people who have had to cross borders to start their lives here in Sweden.

The Lawyer is lithuania’s first mainstream feature film to focus on a gay male romance. This tender film delves into the emotional as it explores the love between a lithuanian lawyer and a syrian refugee he meets online on a cam-site. Before we kick off with the film, we’re going to be interviewing the film’s writer and director  Romas Zabarauskas to find out some of the innovative and empowering methods he used during the making of the film.

To flesh out this emotional tale with the real complexities and experiences specific to the swedish context, we are going to be opening up a round-table discussion with members of the RFSL newcomers. Here we want to give space for the voices of those who have direct experiences of the themes and topics we will explore. 

Your words are valuable, your thoughts are important and your experiences are powerful. That’s why we’re working with Speech Karaoke to give you the opportunity to write a speech and have it added to their archive of over 800 speeches in 17 languages. It’s totally okay just to come for the film too, but for those of you who do want to let some burning words out, Speech Karaoke will be running the workshop throughout the evening. You can write in whatever language you want, what is important for us is that you have the chance to say what you need to say.

On Friday the 20th of August, we’re going to be having  a secon event with Speech Karaoke where we can let loose and perform these new speeches – plus their extensive archive – karaoke style. Click here for more info! 

Romas Zabarauskas

For the last ten years, Romas Zabarauskas has been making provocative, genre-bending films underpinned by queer characters. Romas’ short film PORNO MELODRAMA and subsequent features WE WILL RIOT and YOU CAN’T ESCAPE LITHUANIA tackle the subjects of queer love, resurgent nationalism and politics. The films premiered at the Berlinale in 2011, Moscow FF in 2013 and New York’s Bushwick FF in 2016 respectively, and have been showing around the world ever since. 

RFSL Newcomers

Newcomers is a social platform and network for LGBTQI refugees and migrants within RFSL Gothenburg which meets regular and puts on activities based on participants wishes. 

Speech Karaoke

Speech Karaoke is a fun-loving, intersectional and communal art project that supports human rights by documenting and sharing speeches. Speech Karaoke resembles ordinary karaoke, but instead of picking a song to sing you choose a speech to hold from our catalogue of over 800 speeches in 17 languages and counting after eleven years of continuous Speech Karaoke revolution!



Aug 09 2021


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Galleri Box
Kastellgatan 10, Gothenburg

Are you spending too many sleepless nights deciding whether you should spend your pocket money supporting the local LGBTQ+ community or pimping out your room with a fabulous piece of art? No? Well doesn’t it sound like a fucking great idea to do both anyway?? 

The point of this shop is to support queer and trans artists – that’s why we make sure all the profits go to the artists themselves.

Ligger du sömnlös på nätterna å tänker på om du ska spenderar dina fickpengar på att stötta gbgs hbtq community eller på att snygga till ditt rum med fabulösa konstverk? Nej? Men det låter väl som en jävla bra idé att göra båda och va??

Webshoppens syfte är för att stötta queer- och transkonstnärer, all vinst går därför till konstnärerna.