MOTGIFTET #3: Coming Out Closet Clearout

Its time for your next dose of antidote my 🐆🐆 lively leopard-print lovely-ones!! 🐆🐆

As we blunder bleary-eyed out into the 🌟 blinding bright lights 💡 of life outside our bedrooms you might not be feeling your looks are so fabulous after 2 years of wearing them inside.  💰💰💰 Or maybe you just need a pretty penny 😉 💰💰💰 Either way we’re putting on a coming-out closet clear-out clothing market so get it together and get down here! Featuring those lovely creatures from Bad Bitches GBG Clothes Exchange things are about to get fashion darling. 

🗑 One queer’s trash is another queer’s treasure ✨  –  so its time to rid yourself of all those unloved clothes sitting at the back of your wardrobe! 👚👗👔👖👙🥼 I’d like to say bring your rags and go home with riches but please don’t bring actual rags – if it’s so broken that you wouldn’t wear it, then don’t bring it!

You can either bring clothes to swap for the free shop or get a table to sell your precious garms <3<3

If you’ve not got anything worth swapping you’re of course welcome to come, buy or hang with our normal chill set up – refreshments, snacks and food available on site 🍴👅🍸

Sign up required! (even if you’re just coming to hang out) Sign up here:

The whole event’s 18:00-23:00, clothing market’s running from 18:30-21:00 (if you want a table you’re welcome to set up from 18!)

Address: Kolgruvegatan 12, 417 07 Göteborg



Nov 25 2021


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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