MOTGIFTET #3: Coming Out Closet Clearout

Its time for your next dose of antidote my 🐆🐆 lively leopard-print lovely-ones!! 🐆🐆

As we blunder bleary-eyed out into the 🌟 blinding bright lights 💡 of life outside our bedrooms you might not be feeling your looks are so fabulous after 2 years of wearing them inside.  💰💰💰 Or maybe you just need a pretty penny 😉 💰💰💰 Either way we’re putting on a coming-out closet clear-out clothing market so get it together and get down here! Featuring those lovely creatures from Bad Bitches GBG Clothes Exchange things are about to get fashion darling. 

🗑 One queer’s trash is another queer’s treasure ✨  –  so its time to rid yourself of all those unloved clothes sitting at the back of your wardrobe! 👚👗👔👖👙🥼 I’d like to say bring your rags and go home with riches but please don’t bring actual rags – if it’s so broken that you wouldn’t wear it, then don’t bring it!

You can either bring clothes to swap for the free shop or get a table to sell your precious garms <3<3

If you’ve not got anything worth swapping you’re of course welcome to come, buy or hang with our normal chill set up – refreshments, snacks and food available on site 🍴👅🍸

Sign up required! (even if you’re just coming to hang out) Sign up here:

The whole event’s 18:00-23:00, clothing market’s running from 18:30-21:00 (if you want a table you’re welcome to set up from 18!)

Address: Kolgruvegatan 12, 417 07 Göteborg



Nov 25 2021


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Are you spending too many sleepless nights deciding whether you should spend your pocket money supporting the local LGBTQ+ community or pimping out your room with a fabulous piece of art? No? Well doesn’t it sound like a fucking great idea to do both anyway?? 

The point of this shop is to support queer and trans artists – that’s why we make sure all the profits go to the artists themselves.

Ligger du sömnlös på nätterna å tänker på om du ska spenderar dina fickpengar på att stötta gbgs hbtq community eller på att snygga till ditt rum med fabulösa konstverk? Nej? Men det låter väl som en jävla bra idé att göra båda och va??

Webshoppens syfte är för att stötta queer- och transkonstnärer, all vinst går därför till konstnärerna.