Motgiftet #3 feat: Teaching to Transgress Toolbox’s ‘Who is in the classroom?’

Motgiftet #3 feat: Who is in the classroom?

Thursday March 10th, 19:00-21:00
Location in Ringön – confirmation upon sign-up
The event will be held in English and is free of charge.

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This workshop on how to facilitate a pronoun go-round is for people who are curious about inclusive classrooms. It is for those who are already allies and for those who wish to become allies, who seek to educate themselves and need resources in order to educate others. Together we will be putting the nuance into the pronoun-go round and explore how we meet each other, what our different access needs are and why it matters.

MOTGIFTET (The Antidote) is a workshop series by Status Queera moment to come together, unwind, prepare and heal so that we can thrive and survive as LGBTQ+ people in a world of racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, queerphobia and transphobia.

WHO IS IN THE CLASSROOM, a collective research by Teaching to Transgress Toolbox provides conversations, reflections and guidance material on how to facilitate Pronoun Go-rounds to make our classrooms safer, more inclusive and accessible.


The broader package

The workshop is based on the conversations, collective research and materials produced by the working group “Who is in the classroom?” as part of Teaching to Transgress Toolbox programme.  

We want this material to find its way to students, teachers, and administrators hoping to create change in the classrooms as well as with administration and management of our institutions and work places. This material will be of great use when dealing with pronouns, trans inclusivity and accessibility, putting the nuance into the pronoun-go round and exploring how we meet each other, what our different access needs are and why it matters.

Teaching To Transgress Toolbox (2019-2022) is a no-credit collective research and study programme on critical pedagogy using artistic tools. It is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership between three European art schools, HDK-Valand (Gothenburg), erg (Brussels) and ISBA (Besançon). TTTT is about to launch its online publication platform featuring conversations, reflections, tools, and educational materials produced during the programme.



Mar 10 2022


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