SJUKT: Bizarre

Here’s a message from our siblings over at This is the Queer Space:

Gothenburg’s filthiest LGBTQ+ party is back again baby and this time we want to get totally BIZARRE 💎

As always, we’ll serving you local fucking gems 🤩🤩🤩, bringing you everything from afro-beats to dancehall, middle-eastern to ballroom, hiphop to disco, experimental electronic to reggaeton 🔮 Watch out it’s about to get filthy 🥵🥵🥵

Details coming soon…

Location: TBA

Enter the competition to win a goodie bag for you and your mates by sharing your weirdest dreams here on instagram

🤯 Blow our minds with your totally off the wall concepts 🤯
🐌 Take us down a twisted garden path 🐌
🃏 Put a subtle twist on the normal so that it’s just not quite right 🃏
👾🦚💦 Make it alien, make it colour, make it naughty, make it weird 💦🦚👾
💯 We want to see you take it to the max with your bizarre looks 💯 

As usually, top tier lewks bag themselves 🍬goodies🍬 on the way in ❤️‍🔥 so dig out yer needle and thread 🧵 and get stitchin babs🎨

🚫 No cultural appropriation is allowed in our events. This includes hairstyles. If you are found to be appropriating another’s culture then you will not be allowed in 🚫

⚡⚡⚡ SJUKT is for everyone in the community, not just those who’ve got money to spend💸. So if you belong to one of our 5 LGBTQ+ priority groups 💖 (see below) and can’t afford a ticket but want to come just send us a message 💬 and we’ll put you on the list for free. No questions asked, no explanations needed. We trust you <3<3<3

👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 You are one of our priority groups if you are: economically precarious/working class, racialised, with a disability, an elder or a binary/non-binary trans person.

🎈The space is wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet. For more info on accessibility drop us a message!


From now on you can keep updated on gbg’s sauciest social spaces for and by LGBTQ+ people via @thisisthequeerspace on instagram

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Apr 02 - 03 2022


10:00 pm

Are you spending too many sleepless nights deciding whether you should spend your pocket money supporting the local LGBTQ+ community or pimping out your room with a fabulous piece of art? No? Well doesn’t it sound like a fucking great idea to do both anyway?? 

The point of this shop is to support queer and trans artists – that’s why we make sure all the profits go to the artists themselves.

Ligger du sömnlös på nätterna å tänker på om du ska spenderar dina fickpengar på att stötta gbgs hbtq community eller på att snygga till ditt rum med fabulösa konstverk? Nej? Men det låter väl som en jävla bra idé att göra båda och va??

Webshoppens syfte är för att stötta queer- och transkonstnärer, all vinst går därför till konstnärerna.