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Always wanted to draw comics, but don’t know where to start? Or are you an experienced comic artist? (Re-)Discover comics as a medium to express and explore yourself as an LGBTQ+ person. The workshop is open to all LGBTQ+ people aged 12+. No previous experience required!

Everything you need to know

Story writing and drawing can be a great way to unravel, explore and develop our pasts and futures. In this workshop with Gothenburg’s own comic artist extraordinaire Elias Ericson you’ll be putting pen to paper to explore your own queer autobiographies.

In this session we’re going to delve deep into our experiences, whatever they might be. As LGBTQ+ people we face unique sets of challenges and equally as unique heights of joy – as well of course of all the rest of the highs and pitfalls of life. What we want with this workshop is for you to use the power of comic making to express yourselves. It feels good to let it out so lets let the sadness, the joy, the anger, the excitement, the fear, the ecstasy out! 

You might want to come prepared with some experiences you want to unpack, or it’s also totally okay to figure it out on the day.

This workshop is for all abilities.

Maybe you’ve been drawing and comic making for months, years even or maybe you’ve only just felt the urge to take up a pen and sketch down a comic strip. Whether you’ve been doodling in your margins or you’re only just thinking about it now for the first time Elias is going to guide you through putting your first comic together.

Comic making can be hard, but it absolute doesn’t have to be.

At the end of the session you will have the choice to include your comics in a zine which everyone will get to keep a copy of. 

Elias Ericson is an illustrator and comic artist who has published three books: Åror (2013), Blompojken (2014) and Diana & Charlie (2021). Overwhelming emotions, LGBTQ experiences and mental health are all important topics and inspirations to what he creates.




Aug 19 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Galleri Box
Kastellgatan 10, Gothenburg

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