Speech Karaoke!

Speech Karaoke!




Speech Karaoke is a fun-loving, intersectional communal art project. Speech Karaoke resembles ordinary karaoke, but instead of doing a song, you do a speech. In addition to over 800 speeches in 17 languages already in our catalogue, we have new speeches curated and created especially for this event. Welcome, everyone!

 ✨Everything you need to know✨

As a project, Speech Karaoke supports human rights by documenting and sharing speeches. Speech Karaoke resembles ordinary karaoke but instead of picking a song to sing, you choose a speech to hold from our catalogue of over 800 speeches in 17 languages and counting after eleven years of continuous Speech Karaoke revolution!

Speech Karaoke is not only a unique club event, it is also a great training ground for public speaking. By imitating powerful speeches in a safe environment the audience can practice their public speaking skills – an essential skill in a functional democracy

We have slowly but consistently built the world’s largest repository of karaoke speeches: political manifestos, big film speeches, contemporary commentaries on world events, speeches with historical dimensions, and personal confessions. The speeches cover a wide range of quality standards: from the most persuasive oratory to the mumbled profanity. Our events are hosted by a professional karaoke host and during the breaks our DJ entertains the guests with some sweet tunes

For this event, we have curated a special catalogue of speeches touching upon topics related to the quee(r)evolution. Also, we will have fresh speeches written during the Speech Karaoke Workshop on Tuesday the 17th of August.

[Find out more about the workshop under the event Crossing Borders]

Speech Karaoke started in 2009 and is a constantly expanding project by The Speech Karaoke Action Group, a Finnish-German artist group



Aug 20 2021


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Galleri Box
Kastellgatan 10, Gothenburg

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