This Is The Queer Space

Here’s an event from our siblings over at This Is The Queer Space:

🍧It’s that time of the month again🤩, and in the best possible way.🍇🍧

This Is The Queer Space is a place to come to relax and 🌴refresh yourselves🧃🍓⛲🌴  with your mates – or to meet new mates in a queer and trans safer space. We’ll have music🎸🥁🎷, snacks and drinks available in our little LGBTQ+ castle 🏰out here in Ringön. You could bring board games, your most fabulous dance moves or your comfiest pyjamas to lounge around in.🧦🧩🩰

✨‼This is an open space for us by us.‼✨

18:00 – 23:00, 18+

Sign up HERE 📜🖋🎠

We hear all the time that we queer and trans folk need more social spaces so here we are,💞🐱‍🚀 gaping open for you to enter😻💫, don’t keep us waiting xoxo gossip queer👄


Are you excited to organise an evening under the This Is The Queer Space umbrella? Get in touch and let’s see how we can make it happen!😎🧮



Apr 21 2022


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Are you spending too many sleepless nights deciding whether you should spend your pocket money supporting the local LGBTQ+ community or pimping out your room with a fabulous piece of art? No? Well doesn’t it sound like a fucking great idea to do both anyway?? 

The point of this shop is to support queer and trans artists – that’s why we make sure all the profits go to the artists themselves.

Ligger du sömnlös på nätterna å tänker på om du ska spenderar dina fickpengar på att stötta gbgs hbtq community eller på att snygga till ditt rum med fabulösa konstverk? Nej? Men det låter väl som en jävla bra idé att göra båda och va??

Webshoppens syfte är för att stötta queer- och transkonstnärer, all vinst går därför till konstnärerna.