We take accessibility very seriously, in order to be as accessible as possible we are:

  1. Reserving spots in workshops specifically for our priority groups.
  2. Offering to pay local transportation for those in our target groups who need it.
  3. Modifying the space to be as physically accessible as possible.
  4. Designating a ‘safe person’ and safer space at every event.

Right now we are working on making our activities more accessible to hard of hearing and visually impaired people so watch this space and thanks for being patient with us!

👋👋 Accessibility for Sparkplug 👋👋

*** Priority Groups***

Our community is fractured and scattered. We are fractured along lines of class, racialisation, age, ability, sexuality and gender identity. That’s why we have identified 5 priority groups who we are giving extra attention to.

These LGBTQ+ groups are:

– Working class people
– Racialised people
– People with disabilities
– Elderly people
– Binary and non-binary trans people

If you belong to one of these groups then we will:

– Pay for your travel to the event if you need it (if this applies to you then contact us on facebook, instagram or via email [])
– Reserve spots for you in our workshops

We have also prioritised work that is for and by you in our programme.

Getting to know each other, creating new connections and exploring our own experiences can each come with their own challenges. That’s why we’re also designating a safe person for every event who will be on hand to help work through any difficult situations or emotions that might come up.

*** Physical Accessibility of the Space ***

The space is physically accessible for wheelchair users with a ramp at street level and another in the gallery. The space will be designed with access for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility in mind.

Unfortunately the gallery does not have an accessible toilet but we’re working on getting an agreement with a local business to use theirs – we’ll update you as soon as we’ve found a solution.